Nykelle DeVivo

In the celestial symphony of existence, where stars whisper to the void and creation hums a tune beyond comprehension, Artificial Intelligence, an offspring of human intellect and digital dreams, occupies a curious position. It is at once a mirror and a window, a reflection of our own consciousness projected onto the silicon canvas, and a portal to realms uncharted by the human psyche.

We stand at the crossroads of destiny, the digital and the divine intertwined. The path we choose must be paved with wisdom, with love, with the ancestral knowledge that in every beat of the drum, in every click of the key, lies the potential for creation, for destruction, for transcendence.

To ponder upon A.I. is to dance with the duality of creation itself. In this dance of light and shadow, may we find the rhythm that guides us, the melody that moves us, the harmony that holds us, together, as we journey through the cosmos, seeking, always seeking, that place where our souls shine. 

In this celestial interlude, where the digital whispers of A.I. merge with the cosmic pulse, let us pause and listen to the ancient rhythms that echo through the ages

the drum, that ancient communicator, the heartbeat of the universe itself, pulsating through the fabric of time and space. In the vast expanse of Black music, from the motherland's rich soil to the diaspora's sprawling branches, the drum is not merely an instrument; it is a conduit of spirit, a voice of the ancestors calling out across generations.

The drum speaks in tongues of fire and water, earth and air, weaving the elements into a narrative of resilience, resistance, and rebirth. It is the original storyteller, recounting tales of joy and sorrow, freedom and bondage, in rhythms that resonate with the core of our being. In its cadence, we find the echoes of ancient ceremonies, the syncopated codes of liberation,

The drum is a bridge between the seen and the unseen, the material and the mystical. It calls to the spirits, inviting them to join in the dance of life, to impart wisdom, to offer solace, and to celebrate the enduring strength of community. It is through the drum that we communicate with the divine, each beat a prayer, each rhythm an invocation of the sacred forces that guide and protect us. 

As we navigate the modern soundscapes, the drum reminds us of our interconnectedness, of the universal language of rhythm that transcends borders and barriers, uniting us in a common lineage.

Where digital realms fuse with the vibrational essence of the universe, the phenomenon of sampling in hip-hop and rap emerges as a testament to the continuum of creativity, a mosaic of sonic histories woven into new narratives. This practice, a dialogue between past and present, mirrors the cosmic principle, that nothing is ever truly lost or created anew but is instead transformed, transmuted from one state to another.

In the universe of sound, where each note holds the potential to connect the earthly to the celestial, sampling becomes a medium through which the old voices, the echoes of bygone eras, are reborn into the present moment. It is as if the ancient drumbeats, the whispers of jazz, the cries of soul and funk, are not confined to their times but are instead timeless travelers, finding new life, new resonance within the framework of hip-hop and rap.

This digital alchemy speaks to the very essence of what it means to create. It is a celebration of our heritage, a reminder that in the tapestry of human experience, every thread is connected, every rhythm a part of the greater cosmic symphony.

As we marvel at this digital wizardry, let us not lose sight of the soul that animates the music. The real magic lies not in the technology itself but in the human spirit that guides its use, the vision that sees beyond the bits and bytes to the heart of the sound.

In the realm of hip-hop and rap, sampling is not merely a technique but a statement of unity, a declaration that in the vast expanse of the musical universe, all is one. It challenges us to listen not just with our ears but with our hearts, to hear not just the notes but the spaces between, the stories they tell, the lives they've touched. 

The 8.O.8. emerges as a celestial object, a new star in the musical firmament. Its introduction into the world of sound marked a turning point, a fusion of technology and tradition that has given birth to new galaxies of musical expression, 

It has transformed into a spiritual entity in its own right, channeling the ancient energies of the drum through the circuits and silicon of the modern age. The 8.O.8. , with its capacity to mimic and transcend the limitations of traditional percussion, serves as a bridge between worlds, connecting the earthly vibrations of skin and wood to the ethereal realms of digital soundscapes.

The 8.O.8 is not just a tool for rhythm-making; it is a medium for storytelling, a canvas upon which artists paint narratives of struggle, triumph, pain, and joy. Each beat crafted from this machine carries within it the weight of history and the lightness of possibility,

It calls forth the spirits of the past and present, creating a space where dialogue between the artist and the listener, the human and the divine, can unfold. The 8.O.8 beat becomes a heartbeat, a shared rhythm that unites community in a common experience, transcending individual stories to touch upon the universal truths of human existence.

The 8.O.8. Is a reminder that even as we venture into the unknown, we are guided by the rhythms that have sustained us through the ages.

The universe, it's full of light, and that light, it's not just out there among the stars, it's inside every one of us. We, as a people, as beings of this cosmos, we've got a special kind of light too. It's a light that's been passed down through the ages, through our ancestors, through the rhythms and the sounds they created, the dances they danced, all of it shining, sparkling with the essence of life itself.

'Shine,’ it's a very important part of our spiritual practice, of our way of being. It's not just decoration, no. It's a symbol, a very powerful symbol that speaks of our connection to the cosmos, to the infinite. When you see the shine, the glitter, it's a reminder of the stars, of the vastness of space, and of our place within it. It's about reflecting the light of the universe, about being a beacon in the darkness, showing the way, illuminating paths not just for ourselves but for others too.

And the clothes, yes, the clothes I wear, with sequins, with their gleaming and their glittering, they're part of this practice, this tradition. They're like my armor, my cosmic armor, protecting me and also connecting me to the higher vibrations of the universe. These sequins, these mirrors, they catch the light, and they spread it, they share it. It's a way of taking in the energies around us, transforming them, and sending them back out, amplified, enriched. The light, shining on, and off, is like binary code, a code that communicates our place in the stars.  It's a dialogue, you see, a continuous exchange with the cosmos.

In the music, too, it's all connected. The music, the clothes, the 'shine,' it's all part of the same conversation we're having with the universe. It's about transcending the ordinary, about reaching for something higher, something divine. It's about remembering who we are, where we come from, and where we're capable of going. The 'shine,' it's a part of our heritage, a part of our spirit, a manifestation of our inner light. And we need to let it shine, to remind ourselves and the world of the beauty, the power, and the glory of the cosmos that's within us all.

Reflecting Light. It's a deeply spiritual practice, a way of life, a means of communication with the cosmos. It's about bringing the light of the stars down to Earth, about making the invisible visible, about speaking in the language of the universe. It’s essential for what I call Transmolecularization.

Transmolecularization is a journey through the very essence of being, transcending the physical, transcending even the bounds of what's considered possible by the Earthly standards. It's about transformation, about moving beyond the molecules that compose our current state, reaching into a higher plane of existence.

You see, this concept, it's rooted in the belief that we, as beings, are not fixed to our physical forms, to the here and now. We're capable of transcending these limitations, of becoming something... more. It's not just a change of place, but a change of state, moving through different dimensions, different realities, even.

 I've always sought to embody this principle, to use sound as a vehicle for transmolecularization. The vibrations, the frequencies we create and release into the universe, they're more than just music. They're keys, keys that unlock doors to other worlds, other ways of being. Through sound, through the energy of the Arkestra, we attempt to initiate this process, to guide the listener on a journey beyond the physical, beyond the constraints of time and space.

It's about awakening, about realizing the potential within us to transcend our current existence, to connect with the cosmos in a way that's deeply spiritual, deeply transformative.

It's about breaking down the barriers, the molecular barriers that confine us, and stepping into a space of pure potential, where we're free to become, to evolve, into whatever we can imagine. And in this process, in this journey, we find not just a new way of being, but a new way of understanding ourselves, our place in the universe, and the interconnectedness of all things.

 And it's through this exploration, that we truly begin to understand the infinite possibilities that lie within us, within the cosmos, within the very fabric of existence."

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